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As a Wayne Bank Visa® Debit card holder you will enjoy access to the MoneyPass® network with around 40,000 conveniently-located ATM’s from coast to coast!

Unlike other banks that limit you to using their on-site ATMs to avoid a fee, Wayne Bank invites you to access a nationwide network of ATMs for your ease of access.

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What is a Visa® Debit card, and how is it different from a Visa® credit card?

A Visa® Debit card is a type of debit card that looks like a credit card but acts like a check because the purchase amount is deducted from your checking account. With your Visa® Debit card, you can make purchases with your card anywhere Visa® is accepted.

Since Visa® Debit card purchases are automatically deducted from your account, there's no interest for you to pay. Your monthly statement will provide you with a record of all your transactions.

Unlike a Visa® credit card, your Visa® debit card may also be used to withdraw cash from your accounts. This can be done using your personal identification number (PIN) to request cash back when making a purchase. You can also use your debit card to withdraw cash from ATM's.

Can I choose my own PIN number?

Yes, you can pick your own PIN number. When you receive your card there will be an 800-number listed on a label attached to the card. You will call to activate your card and create your PIN. Please note, Wayne Bank does not have access to your PIN number, thus, it is vital that you remember your PIN number or keep it written in a safe place. If you forget your PIN or want to change your existing PIN, you can call the 800 number to create a new PIN at any time.

Is using a debit card a safe way to make purchases?

Using your Visa® Debit card for purchases is safer than using cash or checks. Visa® offers cardholders Zero Liability in cases of card fraud, theft or unauthorized purchases when used in signature-based transactions—something cash or checks can't offer.

We offer enhanced security for your debit card through with chip technology. The embedded computer chip provides more security and wider international acceptance. These cards are already in wide use around the world and are now becoming the standard in the U.S.

How can I protect my card?

If you use Mobile Banking, you can manage your debit card right from the App. You can temporarily block your card, set a spending limit, restrict transactions by geographic location or report your card as lost or stolen.

Want even more control?

Use CardHub®, a mobile debit card management application that helps reduce account fraud by allowing cardholders to monitor accounts with their smartphone and control how, when, and where their debit card is used. By using CardHub, cardholders have the ability to “turn off” their card when not in use, establish transaction spending limits, and decline a transaction when the amount exceeds a predefined threshold.

This innovative new feature is built in to the Wayne Bank mobile app. Simply ensure that your app is updated, open it, then click on 'My Cards' to use.

Can I use my Wayne Bank Debit Card with a Mobile Wallet?

Yes, Mobile Wallets use a technology known as Tokenization which is the replacement of a card number with a “token,” for use in a digital-payment transaction.

Tokenization was introduced to provide an additional layer of defense against fraud by allowing the token to be stored and used in the merchant environment instead of the card number. You can add your Wayne Bank Debit or Credit card to Apple®, Samsung® or Google® wallets.

To report a debit card lost/stolen after business hours, please call (800) 472-3272. If you are calling internationally, call collect, (614) 564-5101

Text Fraud Alerts

We want to make sure that using your debit card is always as safe and convenient as possible. That’s why we use text alerts as part of our ongoing fraud monitoring program. Our text alert service allows you to instantly keep tabs on suspicious card activity.
With text fraud alerts, if our system detects suspicious activity on your card, you’ll receive a text message with details about the suspected transaction. All you must do is respond to the text to confirm the transaction. If you indicate the transaction is fraud, you’ll receive another message with a number to call for follow-up. If not, you’re all set. The system will mark the transaction as legitimate and you can get on with your day – we make this process simple and easy, like always!

Frequently Asked Questions about Fraud Alerts 

Q: How do I get started?
A: If we have your mobile phone number on file, you don’t have to do anything. Setting up Fraud Alerts is really that easy. If there is suspicious activity, we’ll send a text alert right away.

Q: My phone number changed. How can I update that to get fraud alerts again?
A: If you need to verify or update your mobile phone number, please give us a call at 888-769-2963.

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