Real-Time Alerts Help Provide Peace of Mind

Get Instant Updates the Moment a Transaction Occurs

If you want a stronger feeling of security, SecureAlerts is perfect for you. As a Wayne Bank customer, SecureAlerts is a free service for you. When any transaction, deposit, or update to your bank account occurs – you get an update. You can customize the format and channel of your alert too using email, text messaging, or your online banking message board. Using this feature, you know the exact moment something important happens in your account.

These alerts help you know what is happening with your hard-earned money. You can use SecureAlerts to watch for suspicious activity or even monitor the spending of someone from your family who is on your account. So, this free service helps you stay informed, educated, and ahead of any potential issues or concerns with your finances.

Choose from Dozens of Alerts for Maximum Visibility

You have total flexibility and control over your SecureAlerts. You can set it and forget it with your alert settings.

  • Want to know if your balance drops? An alert is sent instantly
  • Need to know when a deposit is made? You'll find out the moment it happens
  • Want to track when your debit card is used? Each transaction will trigger a notification
  • Choose from a wide variety of alerts
  • Take Action! Use the notification response option to transfer funds on the spot, pay bills or take other actions
  • Help you spot signs of fraud and identity theft
The notifications you receive are up to you. SecureAlerts provides you with the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing the status of your finances.


You Are in Control: Receive Alerts However You Want

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Text Messages
Receive SecureAlerts through text messages on your smartphone or wearable device. This is the most common way to receive SecureAlerts. Message and data rates may apply.

icon of message on computer monitor
Receive an email message to update you about any account activity.

icon of 3 people together
Online Banking Message Center
View your SecureAlerts every time you log into your Online Banking.

7 Simple Steps to Set-up Your SecureAlerts

To set-up your SecureAlerts, follow these easy steps:

  1. Log into your Online Banking.
  2. Select “Alerts”.
  3. Click on each category in the “Alert Options” view the list of available alerts.
  4. Select the alerts you want to receive for each account.
  5. Select how you would like to receive each alert.
  6. Click “Save.”
  7. Yay – it’s official! You will now receive a message now any of your alerts are triggered.
With SecureAlerts, you know what is happening with your money and you can be proactive with any suspicious activity. There is no price for peace of mind, but thankfully, SecureAlerts is free for you as a Wayne Bank customer.

If you have any questions about online banking, simply contact us and we will help answer your questions.

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