At Wayne Bank, we positively impact the communities we serve. We are dedicated to contributing our time, resources, and passion to promote the well-being of Wayne County and beyond. Below, learn about some of our recent initiatives which are actively enriching the communities we serve.

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-Henry Ford
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Midwest Music & Heritage Trail

Wayne Bank is proud to sponsor the up and coming Midwest Music & Heritage Trail!  The pictures below showcase the first set of trail art sculptures which will be installed around Jack Elstro Plaza. This project will play role in preserving local heritage and continuing to establish Richmond as a true historical destination spot.

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St. Jude Tote Board Sponsor (G1013 Drive)

Each year, Wayne Bank sponsors the G1013 St. Jude 'Radiothon'. This event raises funds for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital which serves children all over the country both directly with treatment, and indirectly with innovative treatment protocols. In 2021, the fundraiser brought in $28,857 to support this amazing work.

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Banzai | K-12 Financial Literacy

Wayne Bank sponsors Banzai for several school buildings in Wayne and Fayette Counties. This program, tailored to students' ages and life stage, teaches important financial concepts in a fun and interactive way. Here's what a few students have learned from the program:

  • "I learned that making a budget and making decisions towards that budget isn’t as easy as I originally thought. I thought it would be simple - I get my paycheck, I split that paycheck up, and then move on. I'm learning that much more thought and planning must go into making a budget."

  • "Some things in life are needed and something’s aren’t. It’s better to leave the things you don’t need for later and get the things you need now.

  • "There are a lot of small, but important expenses to think about other than just basics like rent, food, and transportation. It's interesting to play along and see the things that I may have to watch for one day."

By supporting financial literacy from a young age, Wayne Bank is investing in the stability and growth of the region for decades to come.

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To request a sponsorship, visit the 'Meet Our Team' page and send an email detailing the request to Wayne Bank's Marketing Manager.

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