Some easy ways to save for your summer vacation

We know it’s hard to think about summer in the dead of winter, but if you want to take a vacation when the weather warms up, it behooves you to look ahead. Here are some strategies to use to make your summer vacation dream a reality.

Budget Now
If you know about how much your vacation is going to cost, start budgeting for it immediately. You should open a new savings account specifically for the vacation and make auto-deposits into it every time you get paid.

Use Cashback Cards
One easy way to make vacation less expensive is to use your credit card cashback reward. Simply use your cashback card as often as possible throughout the year, then, when it’s vacation time, use the rewards you’ve earned.

Cut Back and Save More
From now until your desired vacation date, cut back on expenses and funnel the extra cash to that vacation savings account. One prime suspect for cost-cutting? Subscription services. Most people are paying for at least one monthly subscription that they don’t use.

Sell if You Can
Another way to generate money for your summer vacation is to sell some items that you own, but don’t actually use. Maybe it’s that mountain bike gathering dust. Maybe it’s a blender that hasn’t made it out of the cupboard since last year. Whatever it is, sell the items using eBay, DeCluttr or any other online marketplace. Then take that money and pad your vacation fund.


This article by Chris O'Shea originally appeared on SavvyMoney blog, and is used by permission.


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