Now is a good time to tighten up your cybersecurity

When international tensions rise, we should all be sure to stay vigilant when it comes to cybersecurity measures. Though widescale cyberattacks are improbable, there is often an influx of private hackers who in engaging in 'patriotic' attacks against entities not well aligned with their native government. Here are some steps to take to make sure your information is secure.

Be Wary

Now is the time to refocus your attention to any suspicious online activity. Scammers thrive on chaos, so you can expect the number of fraudulent emails, phone calls, texts etc. to increase over the next few months. Be wary of anything that seems odd. Be sure to check in on your credit report often to catch any fraudulent activity.

Change Your Passwords

Yes, changing passwords can be a pain. And yes, it is also necessary. If you’re having trouble coming up with complicated passwords, there's an app for that! Actually, several apps that will automatically create and track extremely complex and safe passwords. Be sure to go with apps that come from trustworthy developers and have a reliable track record and strong reputation.

Get Private

Any emails, phone calls, texts, or direct messages on social media that ask for personal information should be viewed suspiciously. Don’t give out private information like your name, Social Security number, and address.

Browse Wisely

It's best not to use public wi-fi when browsing online. Hackers can easily target information that travels over public internet. Wait to use your own private wi-fi at home.

This (adapted) article by Chris O'Shea originally appeared on SavvyMoney blog, and is used by permission.

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