Some ways to save money on healthcare costs

Healthcare costs can be extraordinary. And because you always need to take care of your health, those costs are never going away. Thankfully, there are ways you can keep healthcare costs low. Here are some tips.

Shop Generic

You can save money on medicine by choosing the generic form of a brand name. You can also shop for medicines online, where they are often cheaper than at big-name pharmacies.

Pick Right

You want to choose the insurance that is right for you. If you have a preexisting health condition, you might want a policy with a higher premium, so that more of the costs are covered. If you are relatively healthy, a policy with a lower premium might be best for you. Sometimes the best policy is simply one that is provided by your employer. The important thing is to match your policy with your finances and habits.

Try a HSA

Health Savings Accounts are a great way to save on healthcare costs. You can save pre-tax money in these accounts that are eventually used for health care expenses. HSAs also earn interest.

Stay in your Network

When you do have to visit a doctor, visit one that is in your health insurance’s network. It is almost always cheaper than visiting one that is not in your network.

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This article by Chris O'Shea originally appeared on SavvyMoney blog(Opens in a new Window), and is used by permission.

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