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Money Market

Silver Eagle Money Market Savings -


A Money Market Savings Account developed to compete with mutual funds and passbook accounts at other banks. The advantage is that you have daily access to your funds and the rate will adjust as the market rates adjust. This is ideal for the customer who is unsure of tying their money up in a Certificate of Deposit but still wants to take advantage of future interest rate increases.  If the balance falls below the $500 minimum anytime during the month, a fee of $11 will be assessed and no interest will be earned. The interest rate is tiered based on account balance.  The rate change is effective the first business day of each month.

*Restrictions for Silver Eagle Account  - By Federal Regulation, you are allowed only 6 third-party withdrawals or transfers by check, ATM card or similar payment per month on a Money Market account. However, you can make unlimited withdrawals at no cost at Wayne Bank's ATM, in person at the Bank, or by request mailed to the Bank.

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Balance Computation Method for Deposit Accounts - Daily balance. The amount of the principal in the account each day.