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About Mobile Banking

Next Generation Mobile Banking is Here!

Mobile Banking offers you the ability to view account balances, complete transfers and Pay Bills (including Bill Capture).   Our Next Generation Apps also offer Person to Person Payments through Popmoney.  You can send money to anyone in the US using their email address or cell phone number.  Our Mobile Banking solution provides you with the ultimate in convenience for managing your finances anytime, anywhere from any mobile phone.  You're also be able to deposit checks from anywhere, day or night using the Mobile Deposit feature of our Apps.  Check out the Instant Balance Feature too!

Enroll Now!

If you have a checking or savings account with us, Mobile Banking is free. All you need is an SMS text message and/or Internet enabled mobile device and be an Online Banking user.

Enrolling is Easy

  • Log into Wayne Bank and Trust Co.'s Online Banking
  • Click on Profile
  • Scroll down to Mobile Banking Profile and click Enroll Now
  • Accept the Mobile Banking Disclosure
  • Select the Mobile Services you wish to use
  • Enroll your mobile device
  • You will then receive a text message from Wayne Bank with your activation code.
  • Enter your Activation Code online.
  • You're now enrolled in Mobile Banking!


Mobile Applications

Download free* Mobile Applications for your Android™ and iPhone®. Wayne Bank's Android, and iPhone Mobile Applications provide a customized Mobile Banking experience with an even higher level of convenience.  You can also download free Applications for your Android™ tablet and iPad®.

  • iPhone® - Download the iPhone® app from the iTunes ® Store
  • Android™ - Download the Android™ app from the Google Play Store


Person to Person Payments with Popmoney

Send Money to Friends and Family.

Popmoney® is an innovative personal payment service that eliminates the hassles of checks and cash. Popmoney allows you to send and receive money as easily as you send and receive email and text messages. Best of all, you don't need a separate account. Just use your current U.S. checking or savings account.

With Popmoney, you can send and receive money using Online Banking. It's just that easy!

To send money, log in to your account by accessing Online Banking or Mobile Banking and look for Bill Pay or Payments.

Send money using the recipient's name and email address, mobile number or checking/savings account information. 
You can even make it special by using one of our eGreetings.
You will be notified when the transaction is completed.
If your recipient's financial institution is part of the Popmoney network, they can complete the transaction from their own financial institution's online banking site. If not, they can go to Popmoney.com to direct the funds to their bank account.

Receiving Money

You will receive an email or text message telling you someone sent you money.
Log in to Online Banking and direct the funds to your bank account.
Money sent to a specified bank account will be automatically deposited there.

Mobile Check Deposit

Deposit Virtually any Check Using Your Smartphone.

The mobile deposit feature allows users to make a check deposit via our mobile bank Apps, by photographing the front and back of the check with your iPhone or Android mobile phone and submitting that image for deposit to your account.

Mobile deposit is free to all mobile banking customers.  No need to rush to the bank to make a deposit anymore!

Follow these simple steps to make your mobile deposit.  It's that easy!

Through the downloadable app and Mobiliti: Tablet, you use the smartphone or tablet camera to take a picture of the front and back of each check and submit the images electronically to Wayne Bank for processing, clearing, settlement, and posting.

When capturing check images, visual brackets provide a guide for centering the check. The system analyzes each check image for quality upon submission; if the image does not pass, the system immediately notifies you so that you can recapture the check image. You can cancel the transaction at any time during the image capture and transaction workflow. However, once you submit the transaction, you cannot cancel it.  After you have submitted your check deposit, we highly recommend that you keep the paper check until the system successfully posts the funds to your account.

When you submit a check deposit, the system performs image quality analysis and other tests on the images to ensure that it can accept the images for deposit. If the images fail any of these tests, the deposit fails and an error message appears to explain why.



Mobile Browser Banking

Using the Web browser on your mobile phone you can check account balances, transfer money and locate ATMs and branch locations. You're even able to pay bills with our optional Bill Pay service, using the browser on your mobile phone.

Use the browser on your phone and go to:



Text / SMS Banking

Accessing your accounts couldn't be easier. There's no need for a fancy, expensive phone to use our Mobile Banking. If you can send a text message or SMS you can request information about your balances and recent transactions. We'll send you a text message right back with your most up-to-date account details. It's as easy as sending a text.

Send text messages to 99588

  • Text BAL to view balances for all eligible accounts
  • Text HIST + Account Nickname
  • Text STOP to cancel
  • Text HELP for our phone number



  • You must be enrolled in our online banking service before you can sign up for Mobile Banking.
  • You can enroll in Online Banking by visiting our website and selecting the "signup" link in the Online Banking login box.
  • You must accept the Mobile Banking Disclosure.
  • Enrollment


  • The Mobile Banking System uses the same security standards as our Online Banking system. It brings together a combination of industry-approved security technologies to protect data for the bank and for you, our customer. It features password-controlled system entry and data encryption.
  • Multi factor Authentication MFA) is carried over from our existing Online Banking system. MFA uses a combination of image, phrase and challenge questions


  • View account balances on all accounts
  • View recent transactions
  • Transfer funds between your accounts
  • Find the nearest branch or ATM using your device's GPS
  • Send Money to anyone in the US using Popmoney (enrollment in bill Pay required)
  • Deposit Checks using the Mobile Deposit feature and your Smart Phone camera


*Data rates may apply.  Check with yor mobile phone carrier for details.  Apple and Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries.  App Store is a service mack of Apple Inc.  Android, Google Play, and the Google Play store are trademarks of Google Inc.  Popmoney® personal payments services are provided by CheckFreePay Corporation.