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Next Generation Business Online Banking




Beginning December 7th, we will be upgrading many of our online banking services.

Important Dates:

December 1st - deadline to download bill pay information from current bill pay system.  You will not have access to this information in the new system. 
December 3rd - Bill Pay will be disabled.
December 4th and 5th - Online Banking will be in view only mode
December 6th - Online Banking will be unavailable

New features coming soon include:

Business Online Banking with real-time account information
Enhanced Security
Quick Pay Zone – pay bills right from your home page
Tokens for ACH and Wire transaction authentication
Payroll services
ACH Manager
Wire transfers
Positive Pay - coming soon
Business Bill Pay
Real-time stop payments
Account Alerts – receive email or texts alerts about your account activity
Administrative tools

IMPORTANT NEWS! - Please read everyting below for imporant log on and bill pay information.

Client First time log on:

- Access ID: Enter your current Login ID.
- Password: Enter the last four numbers of your company Tax ID.
- The system will automatically ask you to change your Password.
- Use a minimum of 8 characters in random sequence. Must use at least 1 upper case letter, and 1 lower case letter, and 1 number.
- Then you will be asked to complete the Security Enrollment form.

Watch the video tutorial for detailed log on and enrollment instructions.

All of your account history will be available in the new system. Once you've logged on to the new system, make sure all of your accounts are displayed, and make sure your personal information and preferences are set up properly. Please note that any Account Alerts you've set up in the old system will not be available in the new online banking system. 

Setting up your Alerts:

It's easy to set up your Alerts and new options will be available - just click on the Options menu and select Alerts.

Before entering your password or answering the Security Challenge, check your browser's address bar. We've added an additional layer of security that shows if you are connected to a safe server. If your browser's address bar is GREEN, your connection is secure. If it's not GREEN, stop your log in process and contact us.Our authentication system for logging on to Business Online Banking utilizes multiple layers of security to ensure that your accounts and information remain secure.

Here's how the GREEN address bar may appear in your browser:

If you have any questions about the security we use for our online services fell free to contact us at 765-935-5222, or watch the video tutorial.


- Business users that initiate ACH transactions and/or wires will receive a security token for additional protection whenever funds are moved.
- Tokens are small, connectionless devices that generate a one-time password to use each time a user issues an ACH or Wire transaction.
- If elected for use, tokens will be mailed to our business clients with instructions prior to the December 7th upgrade date.
- During first-time log on to the new system, users will automatically be directed to activate their token.
- Each time a user submits an ACH or wire transfer, a one-time password will be required to complete the transaction.

The one-time password is generated from the token

Watch the video tutorial to learn how to activate and use tokens.

Bill Pay Users

Our bill pay service is changing. You will not have access to your payees and payment history.  Please download this information from the current bill pay system prior to December 1st.  You will have to set up your payees in the new bill pay system.



eStatements are free.
You must be enrolled for Online Banking.
Select the Options tab from Online Banking to enroll.

Business Bill Pay

You will need to enroll for Bill Pay.  Select the Bill Pay tab to enroll.

Operating System & Browser Requirements

The following operating systems are supported with the new Business Online Banking system:

Windows Vista, Windows7, or newer
Mac OS 10.7 or newer

The following Web Browsers are supported:

Internet Explorer 9.0 or newer
Mozilla Firefox (Current Version)
Google Chrome (Current Version)
Apple Safari 6 (Mac OS only) or newer

If you have an older version, please update your operating system or web browser to these minimum requirements.